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Hi Everyone, 
It is with great sadness that at this time we are going to be closing and moving our studio. The reason I say closing is because at this time we do not have a new place to go. Tina and I have had a hard time finding the perfect place to fit all our needs. We have been looking since February of this year. We knew our lease was up in November of 2014 and we started early, with no luck. Every time we found a place, something was not right.  At this time are going on a hiatus. Ok, so I know you are asking what is a hiatus to us, this is where we are going to put the whole shop in storage and once we " land " (as Tina calls it) we will then get the shop out of storage and open back up. We are not sure how, when or where at this time as we are moving lock stock and barrel. We are hoping to find a house with land to accommodate the studio on site.  So now that I have given the bad news let me move forward ...
November 1st to November 8th we are having a 50% off sale on greenware and bisque!! This does not include stoneware, paint or tools. The last day we are accepting pieces for firing will be November 4th.  On November 8th at 4 pm we will no longer be able to accept credit cards so all bills must be paid in full by that date.  Pick up for fired pieces will be November 13 by 4 pm. If we have to move your piece it then belongs to Marino's. 
Our website will keep updated information as time goes on, and I will email when we know more. Email will still be open to accept emails 
Thanks to everyone that has supported us through these last two years
Kathleen, Tina, Danielle, Dennis, Tracy and Thomas
Marino's Serenity Ceramics, LLC

                        Sara Cantlon  
                       Sarah's webiste:


Sara has been working in Ceramics for over 34 years. Sara is a certified teacher and CFE Licensed Associate. Sara’s proudest accomplishment is her Instructor and Judges certification with Ceramic Art Institute (CAI).    

Sara is on the Competitive and Judging Committee for the Exhibitors Association.  Sara manages the Ming Award for the competition and is the Master classification and competitive chairperson for the Ft. Worth/Arlington and Phoenix shows.

Sara is going to start Classes and Open Work Shop in her studio on Jan. 15th, 2014  -- Tuesdays 10:00am to 3:00pm - Color will be furnish if I have it in my stock, otherwise your color products can be ordered from Kathleen at Marino's.
Check Sara's Web Site, for more info. Or Contact Sara @







If you want more information email or call us
Email: or call: (469) 298-3305


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